Old Friends is a low-code studio in NYC.

We craft flexible webstacks for early-stage startups.

Business Buoy
A gift card marketplace to keep local restaurants afloat during Covid.
Business Buoy
A web app giving AI superpowers to Hollywood.
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view case study
Vintage Threads
Digital presence & automated inventory for the small thrift shop.
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Vintage Threads

Our Capabilities

Flexible custom webstacks that balance form and function.

01 - We blend
Web Design
Web Development
No-Code Stacks
Code, when needed
Marketing Sites
Web App MVPs
Automated Workflows
Visual Databases
Cheeky Scrolling Websites
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In case
you're wondering

Is this different than web design?

Great question.

Web design is one tool in the belt.

Old Friends focuses on finding the simplest solution to fit your needs.

For some brands, this is a templated website. That's the extent of most web designers, and it's something we're happy to do.

But for many brands, the best solution requires more than that. Authenticity sells. Having a site that embodies your brand sets you apart.

And it's not just pretty websites. There are hours to be saved with automated workflows, digital organization, and custom solutions to everyday frustrations. Software does all this. We put that power in your hands.

This creative problem-solving is our speciality. Because we're not limited by templates or technology, we can focus on what really matters - your business.

Who runs Old Friends?

Hey, I'm James — a software engineer / designer based in Lower Manhattan.

Before starting OF, I built web apps for IBM and for Storyfit, a startup introducing AI to Hollywood. If you're on the hunt for credentials, check out my LinkedIn, or shoot an email for references.

Lately, I started illustrating, writing, and launched this studio to chase my own curiosity while helping others do the same. If you'd like to hear more from me, you can read the newsletter.

Why "Old Friends"?

OF exists to cultivate the peace of mind and feeling of connection you have when spending time with your oldest friends.

Those open, facade-free relationships.

We aspire to build this through values based on simplicity, transparency, artfulness, and child-like curiosity.

I've shared some of the journey on Instagram - feel free to check that out for a better picture.

What budgets do you work with?

As a general rule of thumb, projects cost more than $8k and less than $50k.

Cost depends on the project's complexity and your desired level of investment. We take smaller projects, like landing page development for an existing design, as well as larger scopes that include design, development, and custom functionality.

Our intake call is free and we'll offer help in whatever we can. Sometimes this means lining your pockets with advice and sending you off on your digital journey. The door is always open.

Are you available for new projects?

We're currently booking new work for Q4 2021, with immediate availability for small or captivating projects.

Reach out through email.

What is no-code?

No-code means building software without code. In the last few years, a field of "visual development" tools have been launched that allow people to overcome obstacles with tech.

This means incredibly useful software is now available for everyone.

At Old Friends, we're in the sweet spot. We've lived, breathed, and written code for years. Now we harness these new visual tools to build software faster and cheaper, with the ability to use code as needed to fill in any gaps.

All this means we're primed to help you grow through a flexible, useful webstack.


Time Enough

Digressive reflections on how digital tools unlock time to chase curiosity without sacrificing mental health.

Amazing. See you soon.
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