A robust web application for the tiny startup disrupting Hollywood.


Full-time senior engineering gig in 2019.


  • Web Development
  • Design
  • User Research

StoryFit gives superpowers to film studios.

Using AI, our software analyzed film scripts to help develop and sell movies. The insights were decisive. We could predict performance, raise red flags, and compare any upcoming movie to the hundreds of thousands that came before it. But with that much novel data, it was difficult to serve in a digestible manner.

We needed a clean, efficient way to give these abilities to anyone in the industry, for any project they were working on. I joined StoryFit to build the web app that made these superpowers accessible to all.

This app allowed users to collaborate on the movie making process, using StoryFit's analysis along the way. We conducted user research that fed straight back to design & development. Intentional analytics let us rollout new features and incorporate the ever-improving insights from StoryFit's AI. And we packaged it all in a clean, intuitive interface built with the latest web tech.



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